Breaking Through Consulting

Helping people and organizations break through, advance
and increase their impact by finding, understanding, and
activating their PURPOSE.

    • We increase capacity to implement important activities that are designed to improve and enhance an organization's ability to achieve its mission and sustain itself over time.

Through meaningful collaboration and listening, we help bring missions to life through the following core competencies:

Got Purpose Assessment™ and Workshop, Strategy, and Activation: We identify and rally around the “purpose” as a unique framework that elevates, differentiates and brings brands/missions to life. We encourage deeper understanding and active support of the organization’s mission within internal and external stakeholders.

Stakeholder Understanding: We focus on listening and understanding the needs of individuals or communities that organizations are trying to help, in order to have a greater, more relevant impact on their lives. We work to help bring missions to life "hands on" and "on the ground.”

Community Engagement, Marketing & Communications: We focus on identifying and placing the “purpose” at the core of the organization’s people, programs, partnerships and promotions. We elevate the “purpose” of organizations to create movement and do meaningful things with others not for others.

Project Management: We apply our expertise, knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively, efficiently and well-timed, while enabling organizations to tie results to their purpose and goals - therefore, better fulfill their missions.

Spanish Adaptation & Interpretation:  We provide meaningful, correct and precise cross-cultural adaptations and interpretation services based on the targeted countries/cultures, rather than on linguistic/literal or word-for-word translation of the content.

You can download our brochure here.