Breaking Through Consulting

Helping people and organizations break through, advance
and increase their impact by finding, understanding and
activating their PURPOSE.

What Clients Are Saying About Us

"BTC allows us to reach our supporters with meaningful messages. Clara provides both the high-level expertise and experience as well as the capacity to implement projects. She is an integral part of our team and has been part of our increase in donations by 300% to $350,000 in 2017."
Andrew Herrera, Executive Director at Curamericas Global.

"Clara is one of the most organized and detail-oriented individuals I’ve had the pleasure to work with. BTC was instrumental in helping RMHC reach our goal to review the RMHC System Chapter websites for proper branding and also help launch our new Latin America digital website hub."   

Joanna Sabato, Director, Digital Development at RMHC Global

“BTC allows us to share our story and achievements to a broader audience by making our information accessible across various languages and cultures. BTC delivered an excellent final product that was shared in 14 countries in Latin America.”

Brandi Hale, President at Beyond the Common Consulting LLC.  

"Clara is extremely dedicated and passionate about her work. She is organized, detail-oriented and very responsive. Her collaboration was instrumental in the success of the program during a very difficult transition year, and has been key to the evolution of the program this year. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Clara and look forward to continuing this partnership in the future."

Tania Sanjurjo, Account Supervisor for the McDonald’s Business, ALMA DDB