Breaking Through Consulting

Helping people and organizations break through, advance
and increase their impact by finding, understanding and
activating their PURPOSE.

Clara is a proud Colombian-American and founder of Breaking Through Consulting. She is also a nonprofit adviser, multicultural project manager, humanitarian, community relations champion and brand activator who is passionate about activating people’s and organizations’ PURPOSE for social good.

Clara is on a mission to help organizations break through, advance and increase their impact by understanding the power of their brands (their PURPOSE or reason to exist), while deepening relationships internally, externally and with those they wish to help.

Trained as a communicator, marketer and journalist, Clara has been dedicated to strengthening and growing people and brands by increasing capacity to implement important activities that are designed to improve and enhance a person's or an organization's ability to achieve its mission and sustain it over time. 

Her approach is to bring one’s PURPOSE as core to every aspect of life - people, principles, programs, partnerships, etc., so that people and organizations can achieve incredible heights and change.

As founder of Breaking Through Consulting, Clara is focused on adding capacity and providing high-quality thought leadership and customized services for her clients. She works collaboratively with organizations to determine, activate and elevate their PURPOSE. During this journey, she helps identify the potential areas for re-evaluation, innovation or development. In essence, she helps connect the dots, find solutions and move through challenges so that people and missions can thrive not just survive. 

No matter where the organization stands, Clara helps leaders and teams activate their PURPOSE and be strategic about the most effective and efficient process to move visions forward and achieve greater impact. 

 Her 19-year experience as a dynamic and versatile bilingual/bi-cultural leader includes working with nonprofit brands such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Curamericas Global, Willow Creek Community Church, The Cradle, People’s Resource Center; and for profit companies like The Hershey Company, Vilore Foods, and Verizon.

About Breaking Through Consulting: Listening to a whisper, following a prompting, fulfilling a purpose...

Breaking Through Consulting is the result of a whisper, a response to a prompting to find and live out my own PURPOSE, my own breakthrough.

A clear PURPOSE compels, engages and moves people into action. If a PURPOSE is placed at the core of who we are and what we do, it has the power to move us from from crisis, to sustainability, to contributing back.

So in every aspect of life – friends and family, personal growth, finances, work, etc. – I believe our PURPOSE is what fuels and helps us move forward, improve and achieve success for us and for others.  

I think this also holds true for organizations. No matter where they stand, they are trying to move from point A to B, from here to there, from helping a few to making a greater impact. And there is no better way than to do so by defining, understanding and activating their PURPOSE.