Breaking Through Consulting

Helping people and organizations break through, advance,

and increase their impact by finding, understanding, and

activating their PURPOSE.


Our PURPOSE can be a breath of fresh air that will empower, recharge and prepare us to influence, lead and become change makers.

Therefore, the discovery, understanding, pursue, and activation of our PURPOSE can help us mobilize and transform individuals, our surroundings and our communities, while growing and positively impacting our own lives along the way.

PURPOSE is the game changer. PURPOSE changes lives. PURPOSE is the change maker. Therefore, an organization’s thriving success (not survival) in addressing unmet needs and transforming lives, communities and the world lays in the power of its PURPOSE. 

When an organization positions its PURPOSE (or reason to exist) at the core of what they do, when and how they do it - its people, principles, programs, partnerships, promotions, etc. - they are able to compel, engage and mobilize people into action. In other words, a common clear PURPOSE creates opportunity, collaboration, sustainability, transformation, and hope. An organization is able to break through, raise funds and increase its impact, when its PURPOSE is defined, elevated and activated (internally and externally) for social good.

Do you know your PURPOSE? How relevant and important is your PURPOSE? Are you living out your own PURPOSE and that of the organization you work for/with?

Let's connect, let's find your PURPOSE, let's find your WHY and while doing so, let us increase your capacity to implement important activities that are designed to improve and enhance your organization's ability to achieve its, mission and sustain itself over time.

* Request a copy of Breaking Through Consulting's free assessment tool here; subject line "Got Purpose Assessment Tool." 

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