Clara L. Carrier, Owner/Consultant

Breaking Through Consulting, LLC.

Partnering with people to help nonprofits breakthrough and thrive.

    • We are moved by doing great things with others not for others.

Our Mission: To meet the needs of culturally and economically diverse communities by empowering and growing organizations, developing a culture of engagement, cultivating community relations and providing training  and support to increase stakeholder participation.

Our Vision: To help humanitarian, family, children or faith-based organizations and nonprofits break through, advance and increase their impact by understanding and deepening relationships internally and with those they wish to help.

Our Values: The most important principles Breaking Through Consulting operates under are:

  • Strategic Approach: We connect the dots, we develop solution-based strategies that help organizations move through challenges, obstacles, processes so that teams can thrive and fulfill missions. 
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We understand, respect and embrace differences. We ensure that the needs of culturally and economically diverse communities are met; we identify and remove barriers to participation.
  • Collaboration: We work, grow, learn, succeed and celebrate together. We work with (not for) you/your staff and those who you wish to help; we work to help you bring your mission to life “hands on” and “on the ground."
  • Honesty: We provide candid feedback; we expect the same from you. We work hard and diligently.
  • Integrity: We follow up/through; we deliver with respect and humility. We keep commitments and approach challenges with a positive attitude.