Clara L. Carrier, Owner/Consultant

Breaking Through Consulting, LLC.

Partnering with people to help nonprofits breakthrough and thrive.

    • We partner with people to help organizations find a breakthrough and thrive, not just survive.

By partnering with people and organizations to bring missions to life "hands on" and "on the ground" through the following core competencies:

Project Management: We apply our expertise and knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively, efficiently and well-timed, while enabling organizations to tie results to goals — and thus, better fulfill missions.

Brand Activation: We identify and rally around activities that bring brands and missions to life by encouraging understanding, positive engagement, participation and active support - physically or digitally – from internal and external stakeholders.

Stakeholder Understanding: We focus on listening and understanding the needs of people or communities that organizations are trying to help, in order to have a greater, more relevant impact on their lives. We work to help bring missions to life "hands on" and "on the ground." 

Community Engagement: We focus on accepting, leveraging and embracing the diversity, background and strengths of the organization, its people and constituents to generate greater impact – to thrive not survive. We are moved by doing great things with others not for others.

Spanish Translation & Interpretation: We provide professional language adaptation, translation and interpretation services for websites, documents, marketing materials and conferences.