Clara L. Carrier, Owner/Consultant

Breaking Through Consulting, LLC.

Partnering with people to help nonprofits breakthrough and thrive.

The Breaking Through Consulting's Path is... Our Journey Together.

There is no such thing as “flawless execution.” But we are a solution-based consulting firm that plans for “what could happen.”  We know there is always a solution, another way – a breakthrough. We work with you to determine the most effective and efficient road, way, or map to move from point A to B, from here to there, from small to bigger, from helping a few to making a greater, better impact.  And we have a process:

  • Initiation: This is the discovery phase. We answer the question "what might be?"
  • Plan: This is the design phase. We answer the question "how can it be?"
  • Execution: This is the delivery phase. We answer the question "what will be done?"
  • Monitor and Control: This is the data phase. We answer the question "what are the results; what's working/what's not?"
  • Closure: This is the completion and evaluation phase. We answer the question "how we did, what we can do better, how else may we help you with?"

What You Can Expect From Us

    • A listening heart.
    • Focused thought leadership.
    • A deliberate, clear strategic intent and the steps to achieve results.
    • A collaborative, rich journey.
    • Accountability and transparency.

    What You Can Expect as the End-Result

    • A better understanding of industry trends and insights and how to leverage them to positively affect the organization's bottom line. A break through.
    • The ability to leverage people, ideas and processes to build brand awareness and reputation for the organization's business. A break through. 
    • Clear knowledge of the organization's intended audience and how to engage them. A break through.
    • Increased funds and support for the organization and its mission. A break through.