Clara L. Carrier, Owner/Consultant

Breaking Through Consulting, LLC.

Partnering with people to help nonprofits breakthrough and thrive.

Clara Carrier is a proud Colombian-American, business owner, nonprofit expert, multicultural project manager, community relations developer and brand activator.

Dynamic and versatile bilingual/bi-cultural professional with a 17-year leadership experience in activating, strengthening and growing nonprofit and for-profit brands; developing a culture of engagement; establishing and cultivating community relations and providing the necessary education to increase stakeholder’s participation to achieve the success and fulfillment of organizations and missions.

  • Growing up. My sister and I spent long weekends at our farm enjoying outdoor activities including riding horses, chasing turkeys (you read it right), catching butterflies, feeding pigs and listening to birds. These experiences have shaped me into the person I am today.
  • First Move. To the capital, Bogota, where I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communications and Journalism in the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. A significant change that prepared me to always be open to learn, improve and adapt.
  • My Professional Journey. Started at the Banco de la República de Colombia as a Communications Coordinator. Fantastic job and opportunity. But the economy collapsed and I was not able to renew my contract. Too many doors closing. This time strengthened me to face challenges with a positive attitude.
  • Second Move. An unexpected door opened. I arrived in Chicago on February 25, 1999 -- not thinking about staying long. Plans change, evolve and surprise you; just keep swimming! This is home now, because home is where family is.
  • Part of the Work Force in America. It began at a small Hispanic agency as a Spanish copywriter for Kraft Foods, Sears and Macy’s materials. I was exposed to the advertising world.
  • Third Move. From advertising to marketing and PR, for a family-owned company that specializes in experiential marketing.  Lead programs for Fortune 500 brands such as The Hershey Company, Pfizer and Verizon. Eight years of immense person and professional growth.
  • The Voice Inside. Whispered... "You need to move into the nonprofit sector." In 2009, I started one of the most challenging & fulfilling jobs thus far. As a McDonald’s employee, I was dedicated to Communications, PR & Marketing for the global office of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Dreams happen; I was making a difference for children and their families. It changed my heart.
  • Grounded in Faith. A personal relationship with God has allowed me to put my trust, needs, difficulties and dreams in his hands. He has always guided me. He is my north and my strength. He has never forsaken me, He has forever blessed me. I follow His whispers... 
  • My Favorite Quote (don't remember where I heard these): “Good people deserve good things,” and "It’s better to regret what you did than what you didn't.” I put these in practice in every aspect of my life -- with family, friends, coworkers and clients. Simple believes that keep us true to ourselves.
  • People I Admire. My mom's unconditional love and dedication have left a print on my heart. My dad’s perseverance is admirable; something I try to imitate. I also look up to my sister -- so strong and confident, she blows me away! My husband. I am so proud of him. His authentic personality, generous heart and hard-working disposition make an awesome individual, my partner in life. Finally, my son – he is my greatest treasure, my most important project, the love of my life. Friends and family – people, relationships – is what matters the most, they are eternal. 

About Breaking Through Consulting: Listening to a whisper, following a prompting...

Breaking Through Consulting is the result of a whisper, a response to a prompting. For a few years now, God has been moving in my heart, in my life very vividly. Something has been stirring inside of me, driving me more and more to using my gifts, expertise and thought leadership to serve, help and work with others to make a difference -- "hands on" and "on the ground." 

The renowned Pastor and author Bill Hybels said that "the ability to discern divine direction has saved him from a life of sure boredom and self-destruction. God's well-timed words have redirected his path, rescued him from temptation and re-energized me during some of his deepest moments of despair."  And that is exactly what happened and continues to happen to me... 

I have chosen to hear from heaven then and today, as I navigate life. These whispers arbitrate key decisions, nudges rescuing me from the struggles of my soul, promptings that have and continue to spur my growth, callings that come by way of a song, a book, another person, inspiration that opens through the eyes of people facing hardships in this world... And I witness this first hand during a recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Boy how that transformed my life. I was not the same person when I came back. It was clear -- I needed to do something about it, I needed to follow that whisper -- to find my own break through.

In every aspect of life – friends and family, personal growth, finances, work, etc. – we are always trying to move forward, to achieve success for us and for others. Same happens to organizations. No matter where they stand, they are trying to move from point A to B, from here to there, from small to bigger, from helping a few to making a greater, better impact. 

Breaking Through Consulting is focused on providing high-quality thought leadership, customized services and client satisfaction. We work collaboratively to determine the most important areas that organizations need or should re-evaluate, innovate, develop or influence. We help connect the dots, find solutions and move through challenges, obstacles and processes so that people and missions can thrive not just survive.